ARTWALK: The New Innovators, Opening July 7th from 5-8pm

This month MiXX will showcase work from the “new innovators.” These artists are reinterpreting the concept of abstraction. In this exhibition we invite our guests to explore how Sandra Chevrier incorporates the use of painting and collage to express the societal “cages” in which we place women, expecting them to act as superheroes in our everyday lives, how Javiera Estrada thwarts our understanding of time and space through her cosmic photography, how Marco Grassi reinterprets the female body through his architectural application of painting and sophisticatedly camouflaged palette, how Melissa Dickenson uses film and canvas to present a new medium unfamiliar to the common eye, and lastly, how Katie Heffelfinger draws us into a state of meditation and serenity through her combination of dots and shimmering watercolors to create a dimension outside of our own.

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