1/5/17 -ARTWALK: An Artist’s Monograph

Most artists’ journey begins with a pen and paper. As the artist evolves, the paper becomes a landmark to surpass—a transition to a new canvas. This month MiXX will be celebrating a return to paper. Our artists Lisa Kairos, Sheila Giolitti, Katie Heffelfinger, Marco Grassi, and Tina Salvesen are bringing paper back into the spotlight. These artists are paying homage to their roots through their works on paper in a culmination of their independent journeys. Come view each artist’s ability to discover the infinite possibilities that using paper as a medium presents–whether it be Lisa’s talent in discovering the nuances of hand cut paper, Sheila’s incredible control in her application of pen, paint, and pigment, Katie’s ability to create depth on a one dimensional surface with her original watercolors, Marco’s expertise in bringing life to the paper through his colorful nudes, or Tina’s technique in burying the paper for weeks at a time.