A Single Thread


December 6 – January 31

Presenting two textile based practices, Vero Gonzalez and Chris Roberts-Antieau revive the medium’s vast capacity for highly symbolic image making, narrative and abstraction. Based in Santiago, Chile, the Columbian artist Vero Gonzalez comprises her pieces with hand died silk swatches trimmed in the shape of oak leaves and feathers. Based on the artist’s own study of German Romanticism, Naturalism and Colombian textile traditions, Gonzalez conceptually elicits a meditative dream realm wherein formal elements create an emotive and alluring landscape of the symbolic.

Chris Roberts-Antieau’s highly figurative pieces dig deep into folkloric imagery blended with a modern painter’s figurative eye. Based in New Orleans, Roberts-Antieau is a celebrated autodidact, her practice finds root in self-taught techniques and a visual language never bridled by the strictures of formal education. Each work is a fascinating mixture of fabric appliqué and embroidery, taken together her work calls forth inspired narratives of humans in the natural world intermingling with kingdoms of the spirit.