San Francisco + Budapest



March 1 – April 7

Bringing together three artists for the group exhibition ‘San Francisco + Budapest’, MiXX is featuring three California based painters Aondrea Maynard, Ivy Jacobsen, and Julia Lucey as well as Hungarian born Janos Huszti. Aondrea Maynard, based in San Francisco, creates paintings that are a combination of modern landscapes and subtle portraits of nature. Throughout her unique practice of oil on wood, Maynard creates environments that evoke sanctuary, mystery, and the intimacy of an other-worldly domain. California native, Ivy Jacobsen creates her dreamy realism with a process of layering oil and resin on wood panel, creating a beautiful luminescent effect in her large scale paintings. Bringing together elements of flora and fauna, Jacobsen is inspired by studying plants she encounters within daily life in the Bay Area, botanical illustrations, and the processes of plants and their life cycles. Janos Huszti is an emerging painter based in Budapest, Hungary. Evocative of analog photography, his practice of oil on canvas blends figure study and portraiture with a distinctive cinematic gaze. Huszti’s inventive techniques of blurring wet paint across the canvas, and omission of key elements of the body inserts a mystifying distance between the subject and the viewer, abstracting in enigmatic fashion subtle narratives within the work.