Dispatches from Off-Season

When I first moved to Telluride, it was in early May, smack-dab in the middle of our nearly two month long spring off-season. Having only visited previously in summer and ski season, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was slightly stunned to be greeted with an echoingly quiet Main Street, closed restaurants and store fronts, and ample downtown parking (there’s always a silver lining).


“Where is everyone?” I wondered.


Several years and a handful of off-seasons later, I’ve found many of the answers to that question. Small ski towns like Telluride that operate on a seasonal economy deal with a massive influx of visitors during the winter and summer, and every year in the days leading up to Thanksgiving and Memorial Day Weekend, the town of about 2,500 people transforms seemingly overnight from a ghost town to a bustling metropolis. I quickly realized that the respite of off-season was necessary for year-round residents of this town to regroup, breathe, and plan new things for the next busy season.


So, what are we up to for off-season here at MiXX? I’m glad you asked!

For starters, after months of hanging and re-hanging artwork, the walls of any art gallery are in need of some tender love and care. Patching nail and screw holes, sanding down the remaining lumps and bumps, and applying a fresh new coat of paint was the start of our off-season reset. With everything off the walls, we carefully packaged up and organized all of our artwork, inventoried and stored our jewelry and home goods, and finally had a clean slate with which to work on some exciting new things for the winter season.

In the coming months, we’ll be introducing almost 20 new jewelry lines, as well as new fine art and furniture offerings. We’ll also be unveiling our 2018 Holiday Collection to help you celebrate in style. And speaking of the holidays, we’ve been dreaming up a few fun promotions to get you in the holiday spirit! We’ll be unveiling them over the coming weeks, so keep a lookout in your inbox, and if you’re not already subscribed to our mailing list, you can get inspired and keep up to date on all of our special events, promotions, and more by subscribing to our mailing list on mixxprojects.com.


We’ve got plenty of exciting things coming up, so you’ll want to stay in the know before we see you all again on Noel Night!

Aside from our professional endeavors, the MiXX team has also been taking advantage of the off-season lull to travel, get outside, catch up with friends, and much more. Scroll down for the details on all of our off-season adventures!

Pia, our founder and proprietor, has been spending much of the fall with her family in San Francisco. She’s also been visiting New York City, where her sister, Christine Gedeon, is premiering a solo exhibition, Syria… as my mother speaks, at Jane Lombard Gallery in Chelsea. The interactive multimedia exhibition will be up until December 15th. You can click here to learn more, and if you find yourself in New York, take the opportunity to see it for yourself.  

Our manager, Hannah has been traveling up and down the East Coast. Her travels are taking her from Philadelphia, to New York City, to Boston, where she’s been enjoying quality time with loved ones, celebrating her best friend’s wedding, and spending Thanksgiving with her family. Hannah has also been partaking in all of the delicious food options that just aren’t available here in Southwest Colorado.

New York native Meg also made the trek back to the Empire State to catch up with friends and family. A major highlight of her trip was cheering on her brother as he ran the New York City Marathon. The energy of the city was an exciting change of pace from our little box canyon, but Meg is glad to be back in Telluride and looking forward to a busy (and snowy!) winter.

As for me, I’ve mostly stayed put for this off-season, which has been an amazing opportunity to relax and focus on some personal projects. I’ve been taking weekend trips to the desert and trying to squeeze in lots of running and hiking while the trails are still dry (if you look closely at the photo above, you can see the bobcat I encountered on one of those recent runs!). In between my outdoor adventures, I’ve been getting back to my own studio practice, writing daily, and brushing up on my (very beginner) banjo skills.

Refreshed and rejuvenated, we’re all excited to welcome you back when we re-open on Noel Night. Until then, we’d like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving full of friends, family, and delicious food. See you on December 5th!