Thanks for a Great Winter!

After months of snowy days, crowded ski slopes, and busy streets, the winter season here in Colorado is finally over. It’s been an eventful winter for Telluride. After last year’s exceptionally dry season, the whole town breathed a sigh of relief when snow started falling in December – and, as the months passed, when it kept coming. We ultimately reached a new record for snowfall, and I’ve heard from more than one (very) long-time local that this is the best skiing they’ve ever seen on the mountain!

As it happens, we’ve had an exciting winter at MiXX, as well. We welcomed several new artists that quickly became favorites, like Sarah Winkler (pictured above) and her stunning abstract mountainscapes, and Lisa Swerling, whose charming, glittery shadow boxes enchanted everyone who came through our doors. In addition to admiring new work from our represented artists, old and new, we’ve also had the chance to flex our own creative muscles by experimenting with new show concepts. Our February show, “The Salon,” was a wonderful opportunity for us to get playful and utilize our wealth of small works in an engaging and thought-provoking format.

As the winter season comes to an end, we’re welcoming the quiet of off-season, when we can take a deep breath and get to work on the upcoming summer. In addition to some welcome rest and relaxation, we’ll be spending the next two months regrouping and planning some exciting new things for the next season. Look out for another post later this month where we’ll be talking more about our off-season adventures and giving you a taste of the new projects, artists, and designers we’ll be unveiling in Summer, 2019.


So while we strap on our backcountry gear for spring skiing and dig out our PFDs in anticipation of an exciting river season, we hope you’re all enjoying the spring wherever you are! As always, we couldn’t have had such an amazing season without all of you. So enjoy the April showers and May flowers, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you again for another fantastic summer!