Anna Kalachyan


“There are two major themes commonly found in my art; pieces and lines. Both are representative of the human experience. The abstract pieces are symbolic of the various experiences that shape us and make each one of us whole. While we are each made of different circumstances that come together to create our unique selves, we all are similar in that we’re connected by the human experience.


Creativity is often bound by the limitations we, others, and society puts on ourselves so I strive to be ever-evolving, ever-questioning,  ever-exploring and ever-learning. As I evolve so does my artistic process – I explore different textures, grounds, materials and color palettes.  Even pieces within the same series can change significantly from piece to piece. New series are an evolution of a previous one.  Not only is this representative of my own self-evolution, but it signifies the experiences of generations before me because all of their collective moments come together to create the person I am.


In a world that often leaves me feeling anxious, apathetic, and frustrated, my artistic process allows me to be the best version of myself — through exploration of new mediums, my subconscious, my feelings towards fellow humans and my own intentions I become someone who is focused, creative, passionate, diligent, hopeful, connected and calm. I strive to bring the same feelings to those viewing my art.”