Geoffrey Gersten

Emerging from a traditional painting background, Geoffrey Gersten is a whimsical painter driven by classical beauty. Dropping out of an early career as a CAD designer, he fell into pursuit of a deep, intrinsic calling to create something meaningful. Self-taught since 2010, he settled into oil painting and an impassioned study of art history. These perennial inspirations coupled with a modernized palette have shaped a unique approach to forming a link between subculture art styles and the finer world of classical art history and exceptional technique.

Gem-like glazed surfaces belie the artist’s intent to convey the nuanced complexities of the human soul in context to the modern world around us and beauty of our natural earth which we are privileged to enjoy. Enriched by the delicacy of flora and fauna, a tableau of characters, pop-culture motifs alongside wide-eyed animals and robots inhabit their own tranquil universe. Geoffrey’s paintings relay a sense of mystery, while allowing a reflective viewer to identify their own heart, invoking ephemeral emotions that we experience universally.

Geoffrey Gersten is an internationally represented artist. In addition to opening Gersten Fine Art in his home of Scottsdale, Arizona, his work is also seen in galleries and exhibitions spanning the US with solo exhibitions in Taiwan and Madrid.

“The start of every morning is like opening one of my favorite illustrated books, and although it’s a ‘children’s’ book, we know all along that it’s secretly made for grown-ups to enjoy. Contrarily, painting is made for adults, but just like a good story book…it’s a challenging, tactile, tangible, textured, seamless (x) natural (flowy) curvy-wurvy, chunky, fun, endless realization of imagination with all of the seriousness and beauty of classical technique and glorious brushstrokes topped off with a whimsical hope that out there, somewhere, today there will be a surprise.”