Local Artists

MiXX functions as a gallery space, but also nurtures a creative community that expands beyond its four walls. MiXX is passionate about working with local artists in an effort to help grow the beautiful and creative community that comprises Telluride. During the months of October and April, we dedicate our space to exhibiting locals artists that are eager to share their work with the community.

Alec Portrait

Alec Jacobson has worked around the world, most recently in Uganda as a National Geographic Young Explorer, and including projects for global health groups on three continents and as the Executive Director of the nonprofit San Juan Independent at home in Telluride, CO. Drawing on his studies in Anthropology at Amherst College, he prefers to be the only photographer within a few hundred mils, pushing him away from front lines to stories on which he can work more deeply.


Born in San Juan Puerto Rico 1982. Got his first camera in 1994 after taking a series of photojournalism workshops at the Art School of Old San Juan. In 2000 he got accepted into the photography department at the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras where he obtained an associates degree in photography. Enrolled into The Academy of Art in San Francisco CA 2003, from where he completed his BFA in Photography in 2009.
Mainly photographing in large and medium formats, his work is assembled and shot in studio. Influenced by artists like Francisco de Goya and Joel Peter Witkin, his images are a self study in the dark undertones of cultural frictions in the United States.


Andrew McCloksey was born and raised in the Texas Hill Country, but now resides full time in Telluride, CO. He studied photography at St. Edward’s University in Austin, where he learned an appreciation for film. In the years since, time & memory, and consistent shooting have given him new perspectives on his work and the style that forms it. Mainly driven by color and light, his work generally focuses on re-contextualizing subjects and landscapes. Currently, Andrew spends his time cursing normal jobs, enjoying the beautiful San Juans and their many pleasures, and delving into the deepness of what it means to “grow up”.


Hannah is a graduate from Wesleyan University where she studied studio art with a concentration in photography. She also received a certificate in international relations which was inspired by her love of traveling. She shoots with a medium format camera, and insists that film is not dead. Hannah grew up on the East Coast in Yardley, Pennsylvania. However her heart lies in the valley of the San Juan Mountains, where she is currently living in Telluride, Colorado.


Originally from New York, Danielle DeRoberts is a painter and fashion designer currently residing in Telluride, CO and part time in California. Before relocating, Danielle lived in San Francisco, CA where she painted and designed for her indie clothing label, onerary. Danielle’s unique technique of sewing directly into her paintings created textured pieces that spring to life, transforming the two‐dimensional paintings into three‐dimensional installations. Through her art, Danielle desires to create a space where the audience feels welcome and comfortable. Her paintings are dreamlike vessels for her to communicate, and she hopes her own creative expression will inspire the viewer to connect with their own soul’s voice.


Mary Margaret “Molly” Perrault is an artist graduating from Louisiana State University receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Digital Art as well as minors in Painting & Drawing and Art History. In addition to being inspired by local Louisiana culture, Molly has also studied art in Florence and has a passion for exploration and adventure. She has experience in a multitude of mediums including digital media, paint, mixed media, printmaking, ceramics, photography, and art therapy. Most recently, she has been working on a multi-platform video game with Iron 27 to create “Heroes of Shadow Guard”, a turn-based RPG game where Molly has created over 275 digitally painted icons.


Art is work that I love and it often takes me in different directions inspired by either man or nature. Over time I have developed numerous techniques to deal with the diverse qualities of my subject matter, many gained from my background as a decorative painter.

Much of the fun in this work lies in determining the technique to best express the content of the painting. Over the years I have found that I enjoy working most with color and shape in a variety of ways.

I spend a lot of time, as seasons allow, in high and pristine places in the mountains of southwest Colorado. Here I have been drawn to the many variations of lichen seen on the rocks and cliffs surrounding high meadows, lakes and rivers. I plan my approach for these paintings with either a rock that I have collected or a photograph. My support is a gessoed MDF panel which has become my “rock” into which I can carve cracks before beginning the surface painting. Next comes the application of a variety of textures with the use of trowels. After drying, the surface is sanded and painted multiple times to achieve depth of color. My colors are often brighter and more showy than in nature and sometimes, for the pure fun of it, are all unnaturally occurring. This work is loose and expressive, conveying the fun of discovering of what nature has given us.

Stencils also figure prominently in my work. If I want shape and color alone to convey meaning and tell the story I will stay mainly with the stencil technique. After completing the basic stencil work I will often go to a mixed media approach and include small accents of colored pencil and ink to complete the vision. Again I am drawn to bright colors and use these choices to elevate my own mood and energy.

I use the digital camera to record images which are then used as an aid to the creative image seen in my mind to form the final image as seen in a painting. This process takes place in the studio. I am a self taught, lifetime artist who continues to enjoy classes and learn from other artists.


Brittany Hale is originally from Houston , Texas and currently resides in Telluride, CO.