Rebecca Haseltine

Rebecca Haseltine was dancing and drawing, swimming, singing, and running through childhood.   She created a special major in college combining dance, art, science, and education. This is still the broad area of interest that underlies her work. After performing professionally as a dancer for many years, she got a tiny art studio and began developing movement-based drawing.  Over the years she deepened this practice through studies in Body-Mind Centering, a profound training in physiological awareness. Studies in Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Bagua all influenced her perception of the body as more (or less) than physiology. Rebecca teaches classes in Body-Mind Centering and Body Learning; her private practice in Body Learning includes bodywork and somatic movement therapy. She taught art and movement integration at the Bridge School from 1995 to 2006; the Bridge School is for children with severe physical and language impairment.  Rebecca has a profound curiosity about language and communication for which drawing has been a means of investigation and experimentation. She has taught her Somatic Drawing classes and workshops in the Bay Area, Ireland, England, Holland, Germany, and Denmark. Rebecca continues to develop somatically-based art-making simultaneously with developing her somatic practice with children and adults. The body is a creative project in itself.


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