Sheryl Daane Chesnut

“Behind the veil of apparent randomness many of nature’s processes are highly ordered, following simple rules. Fractal properties are found in many natural phenomena: ocean waves, snowflakes, crystals, algae, and river networks. These qualities of ordered chaos find their way into my artwork. I employ an organic and experimental process using polymers and metals with oil and acrylic paint. I pour and layer, utilizing oils and acrylics with an array of natural elements—salts, minerals and powdered pigments— each activating the surface of the canvas differently. Strokes and scratches appear to be exposed from underneath layers of ice and stone, metals float across, transparent layers entrap movement underneath, and the minerals dry and crystallize to create an ice like surface. Whether the inspiration comes from a satellite image of a storm system or a myopic view of the detail in stones, I strive to capture the essence of our natural environment.”
Sheryl Daane Chesnut received a Bachelor in Fine Art in painting and printmaking from UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara. After graduation she worked as a graphic and product designer, and although she now works full time in fine art, her years in design are evident in the color, composition and balance of her paintings. Her work is sold in galleries around the United States and is in many private and corporate collections. Daane Chesnut lives and works in San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast of California.